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Remember when you could eat 4 candy bar sandwiches and feel fine?
As we grow older, our dietary needs change. The same rules apply for our animal friends. A nutritional diet plan devised by a knowledgeable and experienced veterinarian will ensure your dog gets everything he needs for a happy, healthy life.

Every animal is different. So are her needs.
You wouldn’t feed bird seed to a cat or crickets to a bird. Even between dogs of the same breed, nutritional needs vary. Call to schedule an appointment for personalized care and rest assured your best friend will get the nutritional or prescription foods she needs.

Personalized plans for our pals:

  • Nutritional diet plans
  • Prescription foods

You’ve been watching what you eat since middle school. Your pets deserve the same attention. Call All Pets Hospital, Inc. today at 701-746-9707 to schedule an appointment to find the perfect nutritional plan to keep your pets happy and healthy.


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